Friday, August 21, 2009

Welcome all you anonymous users!

In my continuing quest to master the bloggisphear (wow, is that spelled right?), I have learned that you, the follower, can choose to be an anonymous user, which means I don't know you're there. So for all of you invisible followers, welcome and thank you for joining us here! Please feel free to drop me a line at so I can at least know you're there. Promise, no emails!

To everone, visable or otherwise, I would like to start an email list so that when Gripology hits the shelves, I can send you an email and let you know. I will not be sending you other emails, as I understand the pains of unsolisited junkmail. I get about 20 a day. Spam filter my fanny.

I am also working on making t-shirts with the gripology logo (and which won't run when they get wet) which I will be giving away in various contests. I'll probably wait untill I get a few more followers.


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