Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I just returned from a great meeting at Matthews Studio Equipment in Burbank. Not only are they going to let me use their images in my book, but Bob Kulesh cleared up something that's been driving me crazy lately. In my last post, I stated that in the world of stands, the term "baby" refers not to the size of the stand itself, but to the 5/8 inch pin these stands posess. Then I ran across the "baby junior stand", which confused me, since there didn't seem to be a 5/8 pin anywhere on the thing. This, Bob tells me, is because there isn't one. A "baby junior" is just a small junior stand with the larger 1- 1/8 inch receiver. I shake my fist at the sky and yell aaaaarrrrrrgh!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tip of the Moment:
The use of "baby" to describe a piece of gear has nothing to do with it's size, but rather what type of adapter it uses. "Baby" refers to the 5/8ths inch, or "baby" pin onto which the instrument or clamp is attached. A small combo stand for instance is not called a "Baby Combo", but a "Low Boy Combo". Other terms for a Baby Pin include "Baby Spud" and "Junior Stand Adapter". Please feel free to add any other terms you've heard for this piece of gear.

Friday, July 10, 2009

What it's all about......

This guide is for those of us who need to know what a piece of grip gear is called, or what it looks like, but not necessarily how to use it.

Its for the field producers who have to have to order equipment they've never seen before, rental house sales people who have fill orders for lighting instruments that have five different names, the shop techs who have to know the difference between a Beefy Baby and a Low Boy, and the PA who has to pick it all up and deliver it without getting yelled at.

With a comprehensive index that that allows the cross-referencing multiple terms, a fully illustrated guide to everything from c-stands to the most popular lighting instruments, as well as reference tables including gel comparisons by vendor and a globe look up chart to help you find the right bulb for your instruments, Gripology is sure to become an invaluable resource on the bookshelf of professionals and students alike.

Gripology - Coming soon to a bookstore near you!